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N. Korea’s Mass Games or 100,000 Human Pixels

Photographer Sam Gellman recently returned from a 4-day trip to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea where he was lucky enough to witness and photograph the Mass Games in Pyongyang – a propaganda-filled synchronized performance done by 100,000 people.

“Photos from a four day trip in North Korea – September 9-12, 2011. Our guides were great but also quite conscious of every step we took. So some of these images are more documentary than anything else.”

“It was an amazing four days though and a unique opportunity to see how a country separated from the rest of the world functions. While the propaganda was more than I expected, there were some moments, like bumper cars at a theme park with soldiers and their kids, that were good reminders that people are people, whether in North Korea, the US, Hong Kong or anywhere.

Gigantic Furniture for Giants

Robert Therrien, a famous American artist, creates over-sized furniture that even the highest basketball players would have serious problems reaching the top of the table. Being a complete ergonomic disaster, his furniture had no commercial success, but found it’s place in the world of art, and now is being exhibited throughout the world in art galleries.

Robert Therrien made this significant breakthrough back in 1993, when he found that by recreating everyday objects true to their original material and color, but on a greatly enlarged scale, the viewer’s relationship to them changed dramatically. This great finding influenced all his ensuing work.

Robert Therrien was born in Chicago in 1947 and currently lives and works in Los Angeles