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We Use Our Smartphones To Take Pictures Around Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Thailand surrounded by mountains. Here are some pictures around Chiang Mai where we’ve visited.
Anyway, we’re not photographers. We don’t have any expensive camera (though we really want one), but we love to take pictures. So we use our smartphones to shoot. Our pictures are not as gorgeous as others on this website, but we proudly post what we’ve seen in this city.

The Sunset Diary A Year Of Amazing Sunsets I Captured From The Same Spot

Last year I have exposed here a collection of sunsets I captured in a period of three years from the same spot. Aaaand I haven’t stopped, the story continued and now I’m sharing some of this year’s moments with you.
So, here I am after four years of sunsets and I think I must say again how it all started… I never thought or planned this out, it just happened in time and sunsets seemed to be there every time I looked out the window. So, I bought a camera and started capturing it and in time it became a passion, a part of me.
Along with the sunsets also came stories and moments, all shared with people that I can’t see myself without and each sunset became a little story for me and for those with whom I shared it with. And for me, this is what makes sunsets so special, the feelings and the stories behind them. I truly hope you’ll like the photos, I have selected a “few”! And if you’re passionate about something, never stop chasing it.

I Took Selfies Of Me Fire Breathing At Night

I Spotted Charlie Chaplin Somewhere In Transylvania

The images you are about to see represent a personal tribute to the hero of the silent era, the legendary Charlie Chaplin, whose story is surely larger than life and whose valuable work has made him one of the most important figures of the 20th century.
Now, 127 years after his date of birth, people living in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania), could almost swear they saw the lovable tramp in flesh and bones, wandering the narrow, medieval streets of their city. So, is there really a modern Chaplin? Let these images answer your question.

I Spent 2 Years Capturing The Beauty Of Bonsai Trees

I began making these photos as a form of relaxation, a reason to be near something beautiful and to take it in fully, without the usual time constraints I had grown accustomed to in my professional work.
The bonsai, themselves, seemed the very opposite of the subjects I usually photographed—they stood before me fully present, their sense of time measured in decades, even centuries.
From my first glimpse of the trees all those years ago, I knew implicitly that there was something to be learned from them, from their endurance and quiet dignity.