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The hair and beauty New Year’s resolutions you will want to make for 2016

Whether it’s forgetting to cleanse, tone and moisturise or simply not getting enough sleep, it’s easy to forget to follow the golden rules of beauty. Luckily, the new year is the perfect excuse for a fresh start – and we’ve found the best hair and beauty resolutions you’ll want to stick to in 2016…

Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliation is key to keeping your skin radiant and cleansing the pores of dirt and bacteria. You should aim to exfoliate as part of your skincare routine in order to see a difference – but stick to once a week otherwise you could risk irritating your skin.

Human Hair Necklaces by Kerry Howley

“Attraction/Aversion” is Kerry Howley’s award winning graduate collection, winning the Museum of Domestic Architecture’s Arthur Silver Award for graduate innovation and excellence. It is a material exploration of how people can feel seemingly opposing emotional responses simultaneously.

The necklaces are made of human hair, a familiar material that we take pride in. However once off of the body hair becomes an innate source of aversion. Kerry wanted to see if she could make discarded hair attractive again.

Through the familiar form of a necklace, and using patterns and symmetry that are instinctively pleasing, Kerry has created a delicate balance between the viewer/wearer’s feelings of aversion and attraction.