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I Spotted Charlie Chaplin Somewhere In Transylvania

The images you are about to see represent a personal tribute to the hero of the silent era, the legendary Charlie Chaplin, whose story is surely larger than life and whose valuable work has made him one of the most important figures of the 20th century.
Now, 127 years after his date of birth, people living in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania), could almost swear they saw the lovable tramp in flesh and bones, wandering the narrow, medieval streets of their city. So, is there really a modern Chaplin? Let these images answer your question.

Natalie Irish Paints With Her Lips

A Houston based multi-media artist Natalie Irish creates beautiful portraits in a way that probably no one ever has before – she paints with her lips.

By varying the pressure of her kisses on the canvas she is able to create astonishing paintings which many of us couldn’t draw with a whole bunch of painting tools. Below are some images and a video showing her work process, creating portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

There are rumors that she has been creating works of art since in utero. Following her birth, Natalie Irish quickly began to shock and amaze every entity with her astonishing artwork of all conceivable mediums and dominate all competitions of the arts.

Genetic Portraits by Ulric Collette

Canada-based photographer and graphic designer Ulric Collette came up with probably the coolest family photo shoot idea ever.

While doing “an image a day” type of project Urlic tried to age his son in Photoshop an accidentally ended up creating his first genetic portrait (the first picture on our list). It was made by splicing together photographs of himself and his son.

Urlic calls his on-going series ‘Genetic Portraits’ and sees a lot of potential and other ideas related to genetics. Interestingly enough, the new combined faces of relatives look quite normal or at least are not far from it.

However, the best part is that you can try it yourself! In case your face doesn’t match with your family members, you might also consider experimenting with your neighbors