The Sunset Diary A Year Of Amazing Sunsets I Captured From The Same Spot

Last year I have exposed here a collection of sunsets I captured in a period of three years from the same spot. Aaaand I haven’t stopped, the story continued and now I’m sharing some of this year’s moments with you.
So, here I am after four years of sunsets and I think I must say again how it all started… I never thought or planned this out, it just happened in time and sunsets seemed to be there every time I looked out the window. So, I bought a camera and started capturing it and in time it became a passion, a part of me.
Along with the sunsets also came stories and moments, all shared with people that I can’t see myself without and each sunset became a little story for me and for those with whom I shared it with. And for me, this is what makes sunsets so special, the feelings and the stories behind them. I truly hope you’ll like the photos, I have selected a “few”! And if you’re passionate about something, never stop chasing it.