Top 10 tips on how to do party beauty on a budget

It’s the party season and with it comes the chance to experiment with different make-up looks, try a new hairstyle or give your skin a spot of pre-party pampering. However, keeping on top of all things beauty can sometimes leave you feeling like you’re breaking the bank as your splurge on products or treatments.

Luckily, with a few easy hacks, you can save money on your hair and make-up looks this festive season – scroll below to find out how…

Keep lipstick lasting longer

A bold lip is a great go-to look for any party, as it’s quick and easy to do. To keep you from constantly having to re-apply your lipstick, and using it up in the process, hold a tissue over your pout and dust on some translucent powder to set the colour.

Get a free makeover

Most cosmetics counters offer makeovers free of charge – head over a few hours beforehand to get a striking new look without having to spend a penny!

Enlist your friends’ help for new hairstyles

If you want to try a new hairstyle but don’t want to splash out on a trip to the salon, turn to your friends. Get together ahead of the event and do each other’s hair – not only will it take the stress out of trying to create the perfect ‘do, but it’s also a great opportunity to catch up ahead of the party.

Use eyeshadow as a last-minute nail polish

If you want to match your nails to your eye make-up, rather than buying a new polish, try breaking off a little bit of your eyeshadow and mixing it with a clear nail polish to create a new colourful shade for your nails.

Banish blemishes

If you find your skin breaking out the day before the party, instead of splurging on an expensive treatment, simply dab a little Greek yoghurt onto the blemish. This natural remedy should help unclog the pores as well as breaking down dead skin cells, as well as moisturising the area.

Use antibacterial gel to combat shiny skin

If you struggle with oily skin, going to a party straight from the office can mean you don’t have time to fix the shiny areas. Dab a bit of antibacterial gel on your T-zone as this will act as a protective coat and lock in moisture.

Keep your blow dry lasting for longer

If you’re looking for a natural and cheaper alternative to dry shampoo, squeeze some lemon juice onto a cotton ball and dab onto your roots to absorb any oils. It will leave your locks smelling fresh and looking luscious.

Try a trainee stylist

If your tresses need a trim during the festive season but can’t afford salon prices after your Christmas shopping, visit your local hairdressing colleges. Most will happily do your hair for a low cost or sometimes even for free.

Stock up in the sales

Search for your must-have products during the January sales – it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up as well as discovering new products without the price tag.

Use green tea bags to reduce puffiness

A few late nights during the party season can leave you with puffiness or redness around the eyes, but if you don’t have a cream to hand, instead use cooled green tea bags – leave on your eyes for 15 minutes.